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Movies cought on fire

So tonight my friend calls me (the one with the civic) asks me if I want to go see "Four borthers"

So we meet up at the theater, get tickets and go in. Now we were probably 20 minutes into the movie, loving it and everything when all a sudden the movie cutts off lights go on and you can see the little fire emergency strobe lights flashing and this annoying beeping noise.

So everyone's like "damn, what.., "what the F.. is going on". We all seat there for like 5 minutes and some lady goes out and comes back:

"Hey everyone's leaving" So all the peops in the room starting rushing out and you can see a thick layer of smoke in the hallways, so we all get out and of course the first thing I do is check up on my car (middle of parking lot).

Then the manager comes and tells us to remain calm and to stand behind and that our movies will start over. We wait for like 5 minutes maybe if even. Two fire trucks come and two cop cars (F-ing cops, lol) we wait for probably 15 minutes. And the fire trucks and the cops leave....

Then the manager comes back "now if you would all please step in SLOWLY we will hand you free tickets " so we get our tickets and go back in

By the way, the movie was great


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