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Originally Posted by Rooz
man, you guys make it sound like it's hard to paint stuff. Here is a free DIY from me to whoever needs black//Gray//Red//Blue//Yellow//Pink?... Decals:

1) Get your Decals, set them on a level surface, peel the back (the part you will see) off.
2) Spray some "Adhesive Promoter on them" (Ironically, it's available at ANY decent hardware store!)
3) Wait for that stuff to dry, usually dries within a minute or two
4) Spray the desired colored on the decals
5) Wait for the paint to dry before putting them on your car
6) Clean the surface where the decals go
7) Put them on the car
8) Enjoy and stop whining about white decals!

(Reason why you need adhesive promoter is that the surface of those decals should be smooth and slick, not allowing paint to stick on them )
YES!! PINK DECALS!!!!111oneone