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Car Selling Advice

Hello all,

It's been quite some time since I've been on these forums, and I am pleased to be back.

I've owned a 1994 325is for many years, and I can no longer afford to maintain it, much less get it repaired after a recent accident. I have had a few aftermarket mods installed on it, namely a Bilstein sport suspension kit that was installed approximately 4 years ago. The car itself is in such bad shape that I just need to sell it and cut my losses. So my question is this:

what would be the easiest way to sell this car for the most amount of money? The average person will take one look at it and think it's a piece of junk, however I know there are some very nice aftermarket parts on it that many would like to have. If I could get rid of it for $500 I would be a happy camper. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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