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A solution within reach?

Installed fully charged battery. Following that, decided to roll the dice and try to start the car.

While turning the key, the accelerator pedal was pressed to the floor with the desperate hope that the engine was simply flooded these past weeks.

BINGO, it started! The only problem was, however, the engine roared into the 4,000 rpm range and continued for thirty to sixty seconds. White smoke began pouring from the exhaust pipe soon after. Anxious, I quickly popped the hood to take a look but that's when the engine began to speed up even more. Thinking that this might damage the engine, I hastily shut it off.

The next attempt to start the car a minute later yielded no result whatsoever! No starter noise like before -- nothing. Silence!

Is it possible that this is the symptom of a faulty crankcase vent valve? I'll just order the part and post an update following installation. Thanks.

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