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if you have power and you have spark then you probably are missing fuel.
Originally Posted by BostonGreen318 View Post
It’s been a while since the last post but I’ve got a car that hasn’t started in three weeks! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Here are the specifics:

A. The car sat idle for three days in a very moist environment.
B. The noise heard from under the hood when key is turned to start is only the “electric buzz” sound of the starter. In other words, the engine cranks but no turnover.
C. The battery is fairly new (within 3 years) and was fully charged the first week of the “no start.”
D. Headlights and high beams are normal and strong.
E. All fuses and most relays (fuel pump relay is 3 years old) were checked and all still function.
F. There is approximately half a tank of gas in the gas tank.
G. Fuel filter was removed and examined -- no blockages.
H. Fuel pump buzzes when key is turned to “standby” mode and shoots gas spray from fuel line when key is turned to start.
I. Fuel injectors were removed and thoroughly cleaned.
J. Spark test indicates ignition coils (approx. 3 years old) have healthy spark coming from all four wires.
K. Spark plugs are clean and fairly new (5-10k).
L. Camshaft position sensor and crankshaft sensor were both replaced in the hopes that either one was the faulty part. No dice.

As of now, the car continues to collect dust since a solution continues to elude me.

The only remaining potential culprits to this “no start” mystery (that are apparent to me) are the following:

• The crankshaft ventilation valve is filthy.
• The intake rubber boot (air sensor to throttle body) has some cracking.
• The hose and non-return valve (#116 113 127 37) that extends from vacuum tank to underside of upper manifold has been layered in electrical tape for a couple of years since there was some cracking in the rubber.

Is it possible that any of these issues would prevent the engine from turning over? Or perhaps it’s something I’ve overlooked? Any recommendations would be great.

Also, could a failed fuel pressure regulator prevent startup like this?
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