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18" wheels on my 1998 E36 328i .. will they fit?

I'm almost ready to retire. I'm gona bust out the gold chains, open shirt ( to show off my white chest hairs), and 2 tone Stacy's. I wana ride in style.

I'm restoring my BMW 1998 E36 328i. It currently has 15" wheels.
Need to know if the following wheels will fit my E36 :

Rim Brand: FACTORY OEM Part Numbers: Front 6779800 Rear 6779803
Rim Width: 7.5 FRONT 8.5 REAR
Section Width: 215 FRONT 245 REAR
Offset: 49 FRONT 52 REAR
Aspect Ratio: 40 FRONT 35 REAR
Number of Bolts: 5
Rim Diameter: 18
Bolt Pattern: 5x120
Tire Brand: Bridgestone
Hub Bore: 72.6

Has anyone tried this??

Thanks guys
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