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328i vs. black ricer

I was driving yesterday to pick up a friend (she owned me $7). I was stoped at light like 6 or 7 cars back. One my left and one car up was a little black ricer with a 3" exhaust with blue neons. I couldnt tell what it was from were i was, i think it was a Nissan 240SX though. Shortley after the light goes green the traffic ahead of us thinned out a little, so i pulled up right beside him. Looked at him and his car, then i just pinned the gas. He saw and head me do it so after i launch he totally pins it as well and i had a about a car lead when he jumped on it. We started weaving through traffic, i get about 40-50 ft ahead and i see him swtiching lanes trying to keep up. I see him get stuck behind a van and small car, so i just laughed as i went to make my turn off.


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