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Help - 'friend' stole my money - any thoughts on what i should do?

Hi guys

Wondered if anyone can offer some advice on this please....

About a week ago I sold my old car via ebay. The winning bidder got in touch and wanted to collect the car on the following day. He was flying from Jersey and could only do this day. A 'friend' of mine (lets call him Dave) offered to see him on my behalf as I had work commitments and do the handover. The car was L850 and I said he could have L50 for his efforts - literally the bloke was just picking the car up and was there all of about 10-15 minutes.

Anyway, the handover all went fine and that evening I got a call from Dave saying that it all went smoothly. I agreed to meet him the next day as it was getting late to collect the cash. Anyway, the next day I get a text saying he was busy until 5pm and said to come round then. At 4:30 I get another text saying he has to go to the local hospital as his leg had swollen up - he had a trapped nerve in his leg the week before, so I didnt see anything unusual. I offered to give him a lift but he said his other friend was.

He then disappeared for 3 days and I could not reach him on the phone at all. I also tried calling at his flat. I then decided to ring the hospital admission board who confirmed that he was NOT admitted to any of the local hospitals. I then text him again and asked sternly what was happening and got a text back saying 'im in hospital - will try to call you later'. I didnt hear from him for a further 2 days and after several texts, calls and visits to his flat sent him a text asking what was going on as I had called the hospital and he wasnt admitted. Also, upon the numerous visits to his flat there were signs of activity - tv on sometimes, rubbish outside etc. and although he often had friends there, it was obvious he was around.

I then visited yesterday and waited and waited, rang his door bell, continued to keep ringing his phone etc. and then I got the following message - 'thanks for your message of distrust. Given that youve think the worst of me, I will show you my worst. Dont call round my flat again and if you want your money back you can take me to court...'

From my point of view, he went off the map for a week with my cash and lied that he was in hospital when he wasnt. I am sure he has spent all or part of the cash. I messaged him back putting everything across my my perspective and received nothing back.

Hes always been a pretty decent friend however hes got a bit of a side to him and knows some nasty and dangerous people. As much as I want my money back and have a confession via facebook that he has stolen my cash, Im a bit worried about reporting it to the police etc. as he may well do something beyond the law. On the flip side, hes effectively stolen my car!

Any advice appreciated

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