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Your Ride: 1997 318i
UPDATE: We have been testing a few basic things out... We replaced the fuel filter, dropped in a new battery, cleaned out a mouse nest in the air box, cleaned the MAF sensor w/ MAF Cleaner to start with. Many of the warning lights went out once we dropped in a good battery (the other wouldn't hold a charge / 0 Amps 10.5 volts).

Fresh tank of 89 Octane Shell gas, seafoam in tank. Well, it ran up to temp at a 2K idle, no load. Let off throttle, died. But time went from 3-5 minutes to 8-10 minutes. Drove to garage approx. 6 miles, stalled coming off highway when clutch pushed in, drift started, drove to garage about 1/2 mile, chugging all the way. Opened hood, smoke coming from behind engine & firewall area.

Manolito & Death2000, I sent your suggestions to the mechanic when we dropped her off. I'll repost when we know more. We also think we are looking at the ICV. I hope we are not looking at the VANOS...

Thanks so far, any other suggestions would be good!
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