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Help - Advice Needed! Steering

Hi all. First post on the forum.

I took my vehicle (530I 2004 w/82,000 miles) into the dealership to get the control arm replaced because the bushing was wearing away and it had a very slight pull to the left. With the car jacked up it had noticeable movement in the driver side wheel (about .25 of an inch). The next day i received a call saying they replaced the control arm, but now the steering is acting strange and they need to run a diagnostic and possibly recalibrate. A few hours later my service advisor called back and prefaced the conversation by stating he has terrible news - i need to replace my steering rack and my active power steering control module. Total cost $6,000.

Before i took my car in i had no knowledge of either of these going out. No leaks, no noise, no steering issues (except for the slight pull which i believe was caused by the worn control arm). Also, i had my car in the dealership for brakes less than a month ago. You think they would of said something if they noticed anything.

The car has been in a wreck. What they are saying is that sometime a wreck will reverse the polarity of the active steering and fry the module. Is this true? Even if it is why would my steering be fine until the dealership serviced it?

I haven't drove the car since i dropped it off, but what they are saying is that the steering feels loose and will suddenly jerk to one side.

I'm new to BMWs so, any advice would be very much appreciated.

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