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Originally Posted by Dathaeus View Post
One of my fog lights kinda fell off and crack, and I have it ghetto taped right now and its fine, but maybe its time.... I have some nice HID regular lights, which are like brighter than my hi-beams, lol, but I would like some fogs to compliment them... my choices?

1. Standard HID fogs, OEM style or aftermarket, $40-$60 I think from like DDM

2. Or what I really like, are the 8 LED daytime/switched lights that fit in the fog hole, but are these bright enough to make a difference at night? Or are they all looks only? Like this:

Or anything else u guys have that might be cool, but I do not want to spend over $70 or so for the kit since I am also paying to get them installed, thanks!!!
You can purchase led based fog lights. They work well
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