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Originally Posted by Manolito View Post
I don't know what k-seal is, but if it is cooling system stop-leak, I would not suggest putting it in your cooling system. There are a whole array of plastic parts in your cooling system that get brittle and start to fail after 8-10 years. Stop-leak will not help crumbling plastic.

On an e36, the most common failure is the top hose nipple on the radiator. It disintegrates from the inside. It starts to leak and within a few days the nipple blows off and your cooling system evacuates within a few seconds. This typically occurs when you are en route to the airport to catch an important flight.

On an e46, a common first failure is the expansion tank. I tried to attach a photo of the failed expansion tank on my '04 325iT. It split up the outboard side. It is an 85 kB .jpg image, but this lame website rejected it as "not a valid image file" sorry.
hi manolito
thanks for your reply back.

there is a small leak in expansion tank but when car is idle or idle revving, it leaks a small drop of coolant. but after 10miles, one litre of coolant gone because i filled up this morning.
i also bought a block test kit to see any gases in the system.
how i used it:
1) the car was cold and not running.
2) the car was cold but engine running
3)car was on normal temperature and engine running
4) when car was got on normal temperature, water start boiling up and it coming out from radiator so fast so i switched the engine off and checked any gases with block test.

the color did not changed at all.

QUESTION: can a very tiny hole in expansion tank cause to lose one litre of coolant in 10-15miles??

i drove it today for several miles, heater was working, lpg was working and car didn't heat up, i looked for the leakage underneath car, didn't find any coolant dropping.
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