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bmw stressed out

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Your Ride: 2002 316ti se compact
over heating and loosing coolant

hello guys

i recenlty bought my first bmw 316ti se compact, 2002 model few days ago

it is coverted to lpg (gas)

i was while driving, it gone over heat. i stopped for a bit and when it get cool down, i drove it to home. it was over heat near the red mark, i turn off the engine. i can hear a whistle noise and the noise was on for an hour.

i felt a pipe, i can feel it was a boiling water inside the pipe and i can hear gurgles somewhere in the bonnet.

i am very stressed out because i paied all money to the guy i bought a car from and he said, it was as seen as sold.

can anyone tell me, what problem it could be?


the coolant level low, i filled some water and then it run well for few miles and heater was throwing full hot air.

i came back home, parked up and drove after an hour and it get heat up again, i parked and wait till it get cool down, i check the coolant level, it was low so i filled in 1 more litre of water. and drove back to home, it didn't get heat up but heater was not working.

add coolant light coming on.

i checked the oil level with dipstick, it was little bit low from maximum, so i reckon if head gasket is gone then water go in oil and the oil level will increase right?

i also checked the oil cap, there was no yellow substance on it.

now my lpg is not working as well.
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