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Wow someone up there must really like me... jus had someone tell me about a guy who works at a high end dealership right across from Braman Motors where I took my car there a couple of times for their "free inspection" and they always found very little thing for obvious reasons. Anyways, this car turns out to be a ZHP, took it for a test drive, for some reason it felt more soft or "refined" in power than mine, but it still had good power... all body stuff looked good, interior had normal wear and tear, and the only thing missing about a ZHP was that it didnt have the M logo on the trunk. But everything else seemed legit. It has less than 100k, and he is willing to give it to me for $7k.

So I thought that was a little low, and asked if we could get a PPI, he agreed. But, the thing is he just got an oil change at Braman, and they do an "inspection" when they do this, similar to what they did for me. So to make sure, I went there after and asked if their oil change "inspection" is the EXACT same thing as the $169 PPI they offer, and they said yes. The inspection showed the need for new wiper blades, drive belts (just like mine, big surprise), and a couple of other small things. I noticed some things: The high beam wont stay on, only the front pull works, there is a slight trim on rear passenger side door frame thats coming off, I can prob just glue that, slight vibration on the stick shift when driving, but when u hold it it is silent, so maybe replace the stick anyways since it looks old-ish...

Otherwise suspension felt solid, gears felt good, and overall, very positive impression. And I dunno if buying from a salesman at a dealership of his own car is good or not, but he is buying another BMW, 2007 330i, so he is a BMW guy and I believe he takes good care of his cars, especially if he pays the premium to get it services at Braman, they are expensive. The quoted I think $900 for the belts, LMAO.

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