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Originally Posted by JCMike View Post
Dear Darhaeus, not to be rude, but you keep calling my ZHP a Canada car, you calling me a liar, and never responded where you found the info that my BMW is Canadian. Please be so kind and let me know so I can research it. I go by carfax and
If you are sure its not Canada then it is what it is, obviously someone else made a mistake then. And where did I "keep calling your car Canadian and calling u a liar?" I asked u about the followup and I was done with this topic for a while now because I got some other options closer to me and felt like yours had too much mileage for the price, let alone all the work you had to do on it just to bring it up to date, which means the car was not well maintained in the past. All u need to do is post the facts, u dont have to come here and start attacking me in a forum. Also the name is Dathaeus, not Darheaus. This matter is now CLOSED.
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