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BMW E39 528I 1997 overheating issue

Thanks for your reply..I had the system pressure bled where a pressure tester was put onto the expansion tank, I was with the mechanic when this was done, all the air was bled from the system, only had coolant coming from the bleed screws.

When the car overheats Iím getting steam from the bleed screws, the top hose is roasting where I canít touch it, only a few patches of the radiator are hot the rest is stone cold, the bottom hose has no heat in it at all.

Only thing I can think of is a blocked radiator, I removed the bleed screw at the bottom of the radiator and white gunk came out then coolant started to flow. the radiator is only 3 years old ;-(.

I donít want to go back to the garage as Iím being charged a fortune every time Iím there and it seems they are just guessing.
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