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Originally Posted by Manolito View Post
If it were me, I would rather pay my money to a shop that specializes in repairing BMWs, someone who can distinguish the sound of a failing VANOS from the sound of a loose heat shield, and will run a compression check and look at blowby. The problem is that someone has to take the car to that shop.

I have looked at a few used cars, and I have helped friends and relatives look at a few used cars. I always found that after I had looked at a car and left, I always thought of something else I should have checked. Finally, I generated a checklist so that I would not forget anything. This checklist is only superficial stuff. The owner will be really uncomfortable if a stranger starts pulling off engine covers and removing coils and spark plugs to do a compression test.

What to look for on the Test Drive:


[ ] City street handling


[ ] License plate light
Geez! With all that, it just makes me wanna buy a new car! lol... thanks for the comprehensive list, I have a similar list of all things to backup when I redo a computer system, you always forget something, and some of them are quite important, like IM archive settings!

Do you think an indy who does PPI will take a list like this and go thru each? I bet almost every single one of them will charge extra but if I really like the car, worth it for another 30-60 minutes labor?
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