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Still Overheating

Hi, I'm really in need of some help here ;-(

My BMW E39 1997 523I Saloon has an overheating issue which has become a bit of a puzzle.

Ok, so things which have been changed.

thermostat housing, thermostat (thermostat has been changed twice now)
viscous fan
expansion tank and cap

Tests performed and past: pressure test / combustion test / leak down test / sniff test all have been past with no problems.

The only thing which hasnít been replaced is the radiator and some hoses.

I have checked the radiator myself, when the car overheated the top radiator hose was really hot however, the radiator seems to have cold spots on it, and the bottom hose is stone cold, the coolant is not circulating therefore im thinking the radiator is blocked? I donít know what else to do.

Do you have any clue as to what could be my problem? I donít want to spend much more cash on this ;-(
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