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Also I was thinking, now that I found a trustworthy car broker than my friends has used here, get even a stock 330i, and then over the next several months wait for a really nice deal on a ZHP, BUT, I was also thinking... if I do get a ZHP with like 100+k on it, the suspension is probably not what it was, all worn up... so in like 6-12 months, wouldnt it be better, instead of spending more money on a worked in ZHP, to just replace the suspension in the 330i "I got" since it will probably need to be replaced anyways, with a ZHP styled stiffer ride, and bam, I have a brand new feel that is also much fresher than a used ZHP. Then down the road I can upgrade whatever else, and do other little things to improve HP... 10 should not be that hard to gain. Just thinking this is an option.

Also, I dont think the guy will like it too much if I told him I ONLY want a 2003-4 ZHP, I mean, I am sure that doesnt come around that often here. But a 330i, probably very often. My only thing is, it wont be a "ZHP" lol... but I think I'll get over it if I can customize it the way I want...
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