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Wow check out this break... a user braves on E46fanatics here says:

"ok I live in 35mi from Pcola and I've actually test drove that car STAY AWAY!!!! the camel interior looks pretty rough. the driver door panel isn't fastened completely and there we're a few other things. iot did have a chip and an exhaust on it but I honestly wouldn't pay over 5-7k for it."

Am I lucky or what???????

ANYWAYS, another super lucky thing... just stopped by a client/friend today, asked him if he knew anyone selling a BMW etc... and he gave me a # of a car broker, exactly what I wanted. My guy already bought a Mercedes SUV and a Volkswagon from him, basically at trade in/wholesale cost, they were marked "green" (as opposed to yellow and red) by a local dealer that all these cars go through before they go to an auction right near me. So this broker guy goes there and does his thing. I dont even have to go with him if I cant... he pays for it, delivers it to me and I pay him, done. My guy said he took the Mercedes to a dealer(just to make sure) and did a $400 full 2 hour inspection on it and nothing wrong, so he is gold. Paid him $500 for his "services" and done. So it seems this is perfect, and I will give him a call. I'll keep you posted!
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