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Originally Posted by DEATH2000 View Post
Your $2000 BMW may not have a large market where YOU are, but their is still a good market for them throughout the rest of the US. If you really want to sell it, then list it on ebay or somewhere else people in other states can see it. Their have been several threads on Bimmerforums and other sites of guys driving from the NE US down to Florida to pick up an E36. Some people have flown, and then drove 14 hours home just to buy an E36. Their is still a huge enthusiast market for the E36, as it was the most sucsessful model that BMW has ever made.

If you attempt to trade it in on a newer vehicle, then you will get lowballed hard. Its what dealers do. They try to give you pennies on the dollar for your trade so that not only do they profit on you buying a vehicle, they profit again when they sell your old one. A friend of mine was thinking of trading in his 2004 E46 and they offered him 50% of fair market value.

If the car has been sitting for a year, ask why. Is the price to high? Is their something wrong with it? Try to find out how many people have come to actually look at the car. They will probaly lie, but if they have had 20 or 30 people come look at it and nobody has wanted it their has to be a reason why. Not saying that a car that has been on the lot for a year isnt bad, just things to think about. You say the market for an older BMW is slim where you live and that could just be the reason there.
Ya I see what u mean... altho for my car, I would take probably down to $1500 even because of all the little things that needs to be updated and that all costs... the last guy in Orlando was gonna give me my request of $2k for it... KBB for mine for trade in is $1600-2500 and private party $2800-3800. I guess u r right, there are people all over who want a E36 for whatever reason. We'll see what this guy says.

The thing that I think is a bit weird for this Pensacola one is, the 2 initial owners at 4 years each, ok... then the final year with the 4th owner:
Date: Mileage: Source: Comments:

05/16/2012 Florida
Motor Vehicle Dept.
Gulf Breeze, FL
Title #0099256750 Title issued or updated
New owner reported
Loan or lien reported
Vehicle color noted as Blue

06/07/2012 101,361 PEP BOYS
Gulf Breeze, FL
Drive belts replaced
Oil and filter changed
Power steering pump replaced

07/30/2012 101,810 PEP BOYS
Gulf Breeze, FL
Starter replaced
Battery/charging system/starter checked
Cabin air filter replaced

08/05/2012 103,101 Dealer Inventory Vehicle offered for sale
09/05/2012 Dealer Inventory Vehicle offered for sale

Maybe I have no idea what I am looking at, but it seems odd that they have it in the dealer for so long and fix things so intermittently? Makes me think they were trying to get away with "minimum fixes" and sell it, but they couldnt at the price they wanted because of the other problems, so then they finally decided to fix them and now back on the market. This is what I fear when I think about going all the way there, and get the PPI saying its drivable but it will need about $2k of work within the next 6 months etc.... when they should have taken care of it already.

Or maybe I am just being paranoid.
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