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Any DIY'ers in PB County Want to Get Hands Dirty?

Hey guys, I needed some work done on my ride and someone here told me it was real simple work and my indy was overcharging me. He said DIY and I was like, problems with time, lack of experience, and just a host of other things. So he said maybe someone here would help me out for a few beers, lol... now I dont expect that (altho it'd be great) but just let me know if you love working on BMW's and you have time to help me out and what compensation would you need. I also have many skills, mostly in sports (golf, tennis) and computers (techie), so we can also trade services if you'd like. I'd order parts from Pelican or wherever, or you can do it as well, I'm flexible.

(Palm Beach Gardens)
Here is the first one in question, quote given by my indy:

Description Parts

5PK-0906 Multi Rib Belt 33.35
6PK-1555 Multi Rib Belt 41.24
Fan Clutch 158.73
Acc. Belt Tension Pu 48.60
Acc. Belt Idler Pull 49.51
Acc. Belt Tensioner 86.59

Labor $183 (he charges $91.50/hr)

Total: 601.02
2003 ZHP 4dr
115,000 miles
Tires: BBS 17" rims
Hankook Ventus V12
Front: 225/45ZR
Rear: 255/40ZR
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