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Originally Posted by DEATH2000 View Post
I would pass. Their are plently more of them out their.

The hard part with them now, is anytime their is a special model or limited run, people want it. And their will be those who want to capitilize on it financially. Mostly in those that copy M3's and try to sell them as an M3 (which is fraud). Unfortunatley swapping something like a cluster can be the difference between an extra thousand dollars or more. I dont like used car dealerships for a number of reasons. One them because I find most of them have no idea what the car is, or what its worth.
So in essence u r saying forget about the my "convenience" factor in trading in my oldie because that will actually hurt me more than help, financially and time wise? I can see that happening... but my local indy said these oldies are so hard to sell, and might be better off just giving it to charity, because the market for like a $2000 BMW is tiny... people who want a BMW can afford more, and people who cant are not willing to buy because its expensive to fix... so u need to find basically a fool who's eyes are bigger than his stomach. He has a red 1997 5 series sitting around for like a year, no takers yet, and its in great shape. Although I think my black 328i is much more mainstream (except for the manual) for most buyers and would be easier to sell.

Originally Posted by AlurryOrnallam View Post
today there are many shoe makers that produce good quality and fashionable shoes so pin pointing one may be difficult. Rather then doing this it may be better to visit a designer shop and selecting a shoe you like as these will be from brands that are already well established.
What shop u mean, like a Braman here? They wont sell anything older than probably a 2009 or so. I dont know how would I even search for a shop that would only sell something I would want in S. FL... I mean I could go to Cali and pickup this really sweet ZHP, but thats not happening right now, and I dont know anyone there who I trust and can send me the car either.
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