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I would pass. Their are plently more of them out their.

The hard part with them now, is anytime their is a special model or limited run, people want it. And their will be those who want to capitilize on it financially. Mostly in those that copy M3's and try to sell them as an M3 (which is fraud). Unfortunatley swapping something like a cluster can be the difference between an extra thousand dollars or more. I dont like used car dealerships for a number of reasons. One them because I find most of them have no idea what the car is, or what its worth.

Example on that: A used car lot in Calgary has a 1995 M540i, one of only 32 ever made. This one is #32 of 32, and the only one made in Boston Green. He has had it on his lot for over 4 years, and has refused to lower the asking price of $25,000. As of 2011, when recently viewed by a member of, the car needs close to $10,000 in work to brought back to factory spec and the guy would rather it sit on his lot in the hopes of getting $25,000 for it then let one of the hundreds of people on Bimmerforums and other websites (me included) purchase it.


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