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Originally Posted by DEATH2000 View Post

Question: And what about the BMW 330 vehicles in Canada that look like the ZHP in the United States?
Answer: Canada was different. In fact, BMW created the M Performance Package in Canada. It not only got the looks of its US counterpart, it also got the upgraded camshafts and engine tweaks. One thing that it didn't get, though, was the red needles on the instrument cluster. Moreover, the redline is at 6500 RPM, even though the car will rev to 6800 RPM -- just like its US ZHP counterpart. It also got the BMW Performance Package exhaust with the thinner walls (exactly like the one on the ZHP). Therefore, while it was not given the ZHP code name, it's simply a ZHP by another name. Indeed, it was given the option code of ZAM.
So this means some previous owner of the car put in a replacement tach to look like the real ZHP... And so the 0-60 times would be the same for either?

And so the dealer is an idiot who keeps insisting this M-II is a ZHP? Because he seems pretty adamant at this point, and therefore, it is too iffy for me to make the trip up there for this. If he knew and were honest and just said from the start its a M-II, no problem.
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