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This was the last response from the dealer:

"You are absolutely right. We changed the steering wheel due to the condition of the original one. It showed severe wear and the leather was coming of at the top. We searched for replacement ones, yet, you are looking at $500 to $600 used on eBay or LKQ. We had a spare wheel from a BMW with sport package, and decided to use that one instead. This car does have a few aftermarket ad-ons like the turn signals and taillights, and we received the car that way. I have new back up lamps, just not installed. Also the shifter is an aluminium one. Concerning your questions if it is a true ZHP, I can assure you that it is. I comes with the six speed manual transmission, ZHP wheels and aerodynamic package, red line at 6700 rpm and red needles. Please feel free to have it inspected by Fields BMW, and I would recommend you to make an appointment. We have not replaced the expansion tank an no leaks were detected. Regarding the question about the trunk, we did not see anything unusual or signs of an accident. I do understand your concern, but I highly doubt that somebody will speed this kind of money to create a fake ZHP. The molding along the roof line is over $340 each side, front bumper cover, grids, fog lights, wheels, anthracite interior, cloth seats, six speed manual transmission, cluster, and emblems, even if found at junk yard or eBay, would be a massive amount to invest plus the labor. We have a need clutch kit in this car, engine has up to date tune up and gaskets, and the suspension feels solid. After doing my research to answer your questions, I noticed that the shade for the sunroof is missing, and a cover piece for the headline, the one with the sunroof control, will need to be purchased/ replaced. Well, now it is up to you to make the decision. I cannot promise you an out the door price of $11000 including your trade of $2000."

A Canadian ZHP, hmmmmmm...... anyone might have an explanation on this?
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