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Originally Posted by Manolito View Post
That is a standard 330 steering wheel. Most Ms have the suede leather wrapping on the wheel. I don't know of that was part of the ZHP package or not. You might be able to find other ZHPs on AutoTrader or and see if they have suede wheel wrapping. If the wheel is not right, check the VIN and make sure it is really a ZHP.

One other thing - on an early 330 with extra HP and a stick shift, be sure to check in the trunk for cracking of the body where the rear carriage bolts on. That will tell you something about how hard the car has been driven. If you plan to drift the car, you would probably prefer to find one that had cracked and been well repaired, as it would be stronger than original. Google it and you will find pictures and a video of this cracking problem.
I had heard the standard one is the suede one, and it seems the bottom spoke is supposed to be one solid piece and not 2 thin ones, with the "M" logo on it... that the suede one had a problem with wearing out too quick so older ones may have them replaced... just thought that might be another negotiating point? All other indications seem to point that it is a ZHP, but then again what do I know, lol...

Wow u r ridiculous, I guess I found the right guy to answer these questions! Thats a great point but honestly not sure how much I will be driftiing in the near future, and if I did get the op and have enough money to spend on them tires, I wouldnt worry about fixing them cracks myself! But maybe I should just check anyways to see if there is a crack that HASNT been fixed, that would definitely be a negotiating point that most people would not check. Can u see that crack despite the carpet/covers in the trunk? Or do you mean like in the e36 where the spare goes, u can just lift the cover and see?

If you ever in South FL to race at Moroso/Palm Beach Raceway, let me know, I'll buy u a couple of beers and we go racing.
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