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Originally Posted by Manolito View Post
I insisted on a manual tranny wagon. Preferably white, preferably a 5 series. I looked for a year. I found only one manual 5 series wagon in all that time, and it was snapped up by an employee of the Range Rover dealership that took it in trade.

I ended up with a white 325 manual wagon with 100k miles on it. I like it, but it is half as fast as the 328 I gave my daughter, yet gets 3 mpg lower mileage. The poor mileage is because of the low speed rear end that they put in the 325 e46 wagon and convertible.

I passed over several beautiful manual tranny 528 and 530 sedans. Sometimes I think I should have snagged one of those instead. A 528 with a fold-down rear seat would hold about as much as my 325 wagon.
Manual wagon? That cant be a popular choice, lol... I think u r the first I heard who was looking for that.. and I thought my job was hard. Why did u pass on the 5 series, too big or gas mileage?

I have seen a few good 5 series as well, but I am nervous because I know most of them were not built as good as the 3 series to drive hard and they dont handle as well and gas mileage... unless u need the space, which I dont right now, I feel like a 5 series is a downgrade for the price, but I wont pass it up if there is a good one near me... do they come with sports packages also? I really do put a premium on performance no matter the price range. I hate the cars that drive like a boat.
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