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Your Ride: 1997 328i w/sports package
Time for replacement model

Sadly my E36 has problems where the repair bill will far outweigh the value. I love my 328i but I think its time for a replacement.

I have been shopping around basically for an E46 with a manual transmission, and preferably a sports package, or an M3 (which I know is probably more expensive and harder driven). I am not totally averted to a 5 series but not likely.

My current car's value will probably be about $2k, maybe less if deducted for the problems it may have. I want to keep my initial bill for a new purchase at 10k or lower.

I am just asking for some advice on the best way to approach this. My current knowledge/have dones:

- Checked out every online seller (eBay, autotrade, cars, kbb, etc.,etc...) and found some possibilities, but a lot of them are kinda far from me (like 60+ miles) and a lot of them dont have any return policy no matter what
- I would prefer a place with trade ins, make the whole thing easy
- I do not have a mechanic that will come with me to check out the car and cant afford to hire a stranger, let alone I may not even want the car I see with him
- Someone suggested getting a car broker to search for me?
- What models of E46 are the best? I know this 328i w/sports package has been a dream so far for over a decade... I do like speed, so I probably will never be getting a 325 convertible if you know what I mean
- Dont care if sedan or coupe, but still leaning towards sedan

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!
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