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Your Ride: 2006 530i
Unhappy '06 530i: needs Radiator and Oil Pan?!?!

Have 2006 530i with 60K miles. Recently had it in for its 60K mile check at Classic BMW in Dallas. Said it needed new oil gasket. Had it replaced. Within days of that work it began to lose coolant. Topped it off but continued to lose it.

Today, took it back to Classic. Was told that the following needs replacing:
Oil Pan
All hoses

Ok...I've bought and driven BMWs for 28 years. Why would a BMW need a new radiator and oil pan at 60K miles?? That's not what I expect from a BMW. In 2011 had to replace a warped transmission pan...found out it's plastic and made by GM! WTH?!?

Any advice is appreciated. I'm not settling for this.
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