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1998 528i electrical problem?

I have a 98 528i and i seem to have an electrical issue. The problem is that several tings do not work and i think they could be related to a common problem. here is a list of what does not work. Radio, cruise control, windshield washer. Here are other symptoms. The radio will not even light up. The turn signals will not flash on the inside but if you turn the switch off and turn on the emergency flashers they will flash inside till you turn the key on. Then they no longer flash inside but continue to flash outside when the switch is on. I think none of the computerized diagnostics or indicator lights work correctly either. I do however believe all of the gauges are working correctly.
Air bag light stays on. If you have the door open when you start the car it continues to show the door open. the one question i have is do these things run off of a secondary electrical circuit than comes on after a few second of turning the switch on? I also realize that most of the things are probably not related but i didnt want to leave anything out for fear that something might be a clue. The car had these problems when i bought it. I have no idea of the history of the car so any help at all would be appreciated.
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