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Your Ride: 2007 525i
I have a 525i 2007

The dealership:

"There are 2 oil leaks, one at the oil filter housing on the left side of the engine block & one at the transmission mechatronics sealing sleeve. The oil filter housing requires replacement of the seals & the transmission leak replacement of the mechatronics sleeve & pan. I don't recommend either repair be performed without a lift. The mechatronics sleeve a very specific repair measurement. If not placed correctly your car will not start. Of the 2 leaks your transmission leak should be repaired first."

Found an indi Certified BMW mechanic that is hooking up all this and then some for only $450. I already paid for all the parts down below. Repairs should be started this weekend or next weekend depending when all the stuff come in. I'm not paying $2300 to do all that stuff at a stealers + what it cost to do everything else. All parts are OEM. ZF and INA are original parts on the BMW

24-34-7-588-725 SEALING SLEEVE (1) --$13.66

But I am also doing all this other work that's included in the $450

24-11-7-571-217 OIL PAN W (1) -- $133.97 ZF

24-11-7-552-108 TORX SCRE (24) --$43.44

83-22-2-220-445 TF 1375.4 (6 liters) --$162

11-42-7-525-335 GASKET:11 (1) --$9.06

11-42-7-537-293 GASKET:11 (1) --$9.06

11-53-7-549-476 Thermostat + the screws (1) -- $77.15 INA

11-28-7-530-314 Mechanical Belt Tension (1) -- $77.93

11-28-7-628-650 Belt (1) -- $28.77

BMW Coolant (2 Gallons) -- $37.12

SAF-XO (2 liters) -- $40.00

spark plugs FR7NPP332 (6) -- $58.25

Using forums, you never know who might be using it. I am glad he was a BMW certified mechanic that works for a BMW stealership to do the work for me on the side.
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