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Originally Posted by BMWLotAttendant
The BMW E39 525i Sedan came out in 2000 - 2003.
2002 525i has the M54 6 cylinder engine with 192 HP.

0-60 in 7.3 seconds.

The e36 328i has the M52 6 cylinder engine with 193 HP.

I would think that the e39 525i would win, they're sporty.

But I didn't think of how heavy they are.

Yeah, that sounds about right.

Wrong... Thats the right engine code but the 03 525i (US SPEC's) had only 184 hp at 6000 rpm.. same as the E46 325i's now. Everything else is common sence

Slush 328is > Slush 528ia dddduhh
Slush 328is (6.7-6.8 to 60) > Manual 525i (7.3-7.8)

E39 525i' auto are slow (8.3 to 60 at a good test)
E39 525 manuals are faster but not much.
A stock 328ia coupe will take a 325i chipped ... anyday
A stock 325i auto is 8.1 to 60 in motor trend... chipping it would do barley anything to that time.

Oh and those 0-60 times on that sheet are wayyyy off. Those seem like very conservative factory estimates.
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