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Your Ride: 2004 325 XI
After changing the Guibo, Driveshaft support and bearing. front control arms and bushings, spark plugs, fuel filter, rebalancing and rotating the tires (twice) changed fluids in the transfer case, both differentials, fluid and filter in the transmission, front end alignment and still had the vibration on and off under acceleration,
Well the last thing I could think of was the front drive CV axels,
Got the axels and new seals replaced them last night, It’s like a brand new car an amazing difference, the outer CV joints were still pretty good but the inner ones were shot, which explains no noise coming from the outer but intermittent vibration coming from the inner.
Looking all the things I replaced, it was not money wasted as they were coming to the end of their useful life and I won’t have to do those things again.
The transmission fluid was black don’t believe the lifetime fluid crap, these are GM transmissions and the Castrol dexron VI Synthetic fluid is what I used after hours of research and talking to a transmission mechanic. shifts so much better.
If anyone is going to do any of these repairs please feel free to ask how, I did all the repairs myself in my garage at home except for the front end alignment.

Hope this helps someone else if you’re having similar problems.

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