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First Kill in my 335

4 Days after taking delivery on my 2009 335i Xdrive Coupe, my son and I were on our way home from running some errands. City street, minding our own business, enjoying the sun and a super car. I passed some boy racer in a tricked out (UGLY) blue Exo X. I guess he didn't like being passed by an "old man" car and through my open window I could hear his turbo spooling up and he shot passed me. Not being one to put up with that kind of crap, I tapped the paddle shifter twice and gave it 3/4 throttle. Within 100 feet I completely destroyed him and saw this "OMG" look on his face in my mirror. he tried to get back by me but, didn't even get close. I don't really like or approve of street racing but, this twerp was just begging. Even my son, who is a VERY conservative driver, was laughing.
If you're ever in the NE Ohio area and you see this monstrosity bearing the license plate EVO ENVY, have a good laugh at his expense. Might have been a nice matchup if he knew how to drive.
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