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Touring rear suspension

It's been a while, but I replaced the standard rear shocks on my 99 528iT with Koni adjustables from Tire Rack, along with the front struts as well. As I recall, these were the only aftermarket items available for the Touring chassis. The reason for this is that the rear shocks are located at a different position at the top (wider, compared to sedans) for a more square design of the inside luggage area, therefore the shocks are longer. When I did the upgrade, I also replaced the springs with H & R (also from Tire Rack - I believe) to create an aftermarket "sport" version of the car. It lowered the car to a better ride height as well, approx. 3/4" all the way around.

One thing to consider, this set up amplifies the inherent negative camber of the factory chassis, so even with moderately sized 235 x 17's, it loves to eat the inside of all four tires - it's one of the few negative trade-offs for sports car handling in a larger car. To slightly compensate for this wear pattern, I always used a non-staggered wheel set up, so I could rotate tires both front to rear (less wear in front that rear) and remount the tires once in a while so that the inboard side went on the outside.

Hope this helps.....
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