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Your Ride: BMW E46 318i, model 1999
Angry Flat spot on accelleration in 1st gear.

Hi I am driving my 1999 BMW 318i since brand new. I had experience a fuel cut out on acceleration in first gear, so I replaced my airflow meter. It helped a great deal. Now I need a crank idling valve coz my idling drops a lot it is not constant just under a 1000 rpm's. Also as I pick up a constant momentum then all of the sudden my ASC light comes on and the car retards and gains momentum again. Now I have my air bag light staying on, it doesn't want go off. Please help me with this problem. My CD -exchanger doesn't play at all but the radio goes on. The tape player also doesn't play. These are just small issues I guess it is happening now with age but I still love my Bimmer. Can anyone help here please.
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