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Smile re:E34 Brake lights

Originally Posted by breezy View Post
Hey whats up. I've got a 95' 525i and just recently had the brake Lt Circuit come on my information dial. When I step on the brake the light in my window comes on but the lights on my tail lights do not. Everything is new and all the fuses are good but hooked up a test light to the pig tail and i've got no power. All the other lights work jus fine.I checked the plugs above the brake pedal and it's got power and power to the other wire when i push the pedal down. Got a solution???
Yo breezy - no doubt you fixed it by now... but a note: rhd e34 brake light switch is NOT the one over the brake pedal ~ that is part of the cruise control interlock. Brake switch is under dash/glovebox on servo linkage - take glove box out and all will become clear! Posted in case any other RHD E34 owners are scratching their heads over this one!


Also cable that runs through l/h boot strut can chafe/wear. Easy check & fix. Contacts on tail unit bulbs corrode/oxidise ~ gentle use of 400 grit wet and dry helps those.

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