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Your Ride: 1986 BMW 635Csi (E24)
Introduce myself as a new member

I am owner of a 1986 635Csi automatic. Love the car; would prefer a manual transmission but after two back surgeries and being 73 years old, shifting in traffic loses it's joy! The car is from Arizona and is as rust free as can be expected.

It has the Recaro sports seats (I think that's what they are called) which are (a) poorly made; (b) diffucult to get parts for; and (c) just the most comfortable things in the universe.

I live in Barron in northern Wisconsin, 40 miles north of Eau Claire which is 70 (?) miles north of Milwaukee which is . . . . . . you get the picture.

Anyway, if there is any one with a BMW in the area, I would love talk. So far, I have found two MGs and a DeLorean. This is it as far a anything classic. Up here, if you don't drive a pickup, you are viewed as kind of poncy.

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