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RV BMW 735il

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Your Ride: 1991 BMW e32 735iL
Hi, mate yeah it drives you crazy cause you don't know what it is. It seemed to get worse and worse over time and eventually it led to strong friction when I drove it. If I continued driving like that, it would have burnt the clutches yet again. I pulled out the valve body and pulled it apart and cleaned all the valves and all using Kerosene. Make sure you air hose the solenoids in case there is dirt in them. After cleaning the valves and valve body in kerosene make sure you air hose everything to dry them up and use ATF oil to put the valves back and all. Also it would be helpful to flush out the pipes which go from the transmission to the radiator. I used a pump and kerosene a couple times and then with ATF oil in the last go. Also changed the filter and oil. It seemed to help quite significantly but maybe once in a drive it might come up but not to often as previously. This might be because there might still be some dirt in the oil in the torque converter. I didn't realize that there would have still been some dirt in the two pipes going from the transmission to the radiator which is probably why it worked fine on the first test drive from rebuilding the transmission and then started playing up again because dirt came back to it. Alao i think it makes sense that once you have left the car off for many hours and are going to drive it would work fine for a bit and start playing up after 10 minutes or so is because the oil sits in the pan for hours and hours and once you turn it on and it starts circulating, the dirt eventually comes stuck again causing this issue. This might not be 100% the problem, but I can say cleaning the dirt helps significantly. I think blockage is the problem. Give it a try and let us know how it goes
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