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Well, so far not alot of activity here. Been fighting like hell with the other guy's insurance company, will get paid out (only going to be $400 under what I paid for the car) and I'm negotiating with a couple selling a 2002 325i with only 85,000 km's on her. Have to drive to Grande Prairie to get her (5 hour road trip up there, 3 hours on the way back ).

So, it certainly didn't end the way I would have liked, I will miss the car like I miss my '89 325i, but at least I'm sticking with a great car company.

Besides, I don't feel like putting my oil filters up for sale....pain in the ass....
1994 530i 5 speed - RIP due to a dipshit that can't do overshoulder checks and ran over the front end with his Jeep!
1989 325i - RIP due to a knucklehead that rammed the car in the butt doing 50 km/hr while I was stopped at a intersection!!

New ride: 1998 318i
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