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Supfly, I know your situation. I went from a 1999 VW Passat Variant to the 335i and I love it. But just one question..........Do you have to get rid of the Avant? I still have my VW Passat and am in the process of tuning it even though it has 194,000 miles on it. I figure I'll keep it and use it to take it surfing, kiteboarding, or up to the mountains when I want and the rest of the time keep my 335i looking beautiful without dirt stains, sand, and all the other wear and tear that goes with using a car to enjoy the outdoors. The Passat doesn't have full coverage because if I wreck it.......the car is only worth about a grand. In return, my insurance isn't all that high and I now have a second vehicle to use for the outdoors..........and driving to work in Newark, NJ.
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