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Aftermarket for 2002 (E39)

I've got a 2002 530i. After shopping for awhile, I've learned this is not an easy car to buy wheels for. At least ones that look proper (elegant). I have the OEM style 42 in 17 x8 inch. One of the key factors is the 74.1 hub bore. A lot of wheel manfg. advertise fitting the 5 series But that does not include the 2002 models.

The second wall, the 17" size. Not a lot of selection there. And, as for offsets...?

I've read on different forums talk of stagger. Seems rotation is pretty much non existent anyway! I like the idea. I want the widest possible on rear (without) tire rub.

Question; Does any one know what the limits are for size on this model year.

I want to go 18's and possibly 8.5 front and 9.5 rear.

Thanks for any responses, Ron
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