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Vibration ?????

I have a 04 325 XI automatic, with 140,000 miles, runs great, I was on a 600 mile trip this weekend when it started to vibrate when accelerating even a small ammount up hills, this was mostly highway driving 70 - 75 mph, it would really start to vibrate hard on the long climbs untill I would let off the gas, feathering the throttle would keep the vibration at bay, it is not engine RPM related but it is speed related, upon the return trip it would also do it on the down hill coasting, if I gave it some throttle the vibration goes away on the down hills, flat crusing at speed its ok, The next thing is now at a stop with the foot on the brake the car vibrates quite a bit now,

Guibo? Shaft support bearing? somthing else?
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