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Your Ride: 1994 525i
!994 525i . Car won't crank

Hello everyone I'm new to this forum . But I do subscribe to others . Just tryin to get as much info on this as possible before I dive in tomorrow and start the fix . lol well hopefully
I have a 1994 525i . auto trans . the other morning i was trying to get up a hill after it snowed . I was locked in first gear . spinning tires and all { traction control stopped working shortly after getting the car } . My car stalled and went into trans program . { I am aware of this from previous problem usually i'm fine turning the car off and it goes away } It heated up a bit and radiator overflowed a little coolant , but temp gauge was in normal range . But now my car will not crank . I went and got another vehical thinking it needed a jump ... but nothing . . When I turn the ignition it does not sound like the solenoid is getting anything .All the dash lights come on , radio , interior lights and the lights do not dim when I turn the key . as well i can see the trans lock lift up when I turn the ignition on .
I put a new transmission in the car last year . I'm quite sure the engine did not seize . Please give any ideas

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