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RV BMW 735il

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Your Ride: 1991 BMW e32 735iL
BMW e32 changing late from 2nd to 3rd gear!

Hi I own a 1991 model E32 BMW 735iL and have had the car for more than 8 years. For a few months now the car seems to be getting stuck in 2nd gear until 3000rpm where it would then change gear into 3rd, where as it would normally change at 2000rpm in eceonomy mode. At first it did this problem intermittently and then did it more and more. I took it to a mechanic and they found a fault code in the transmission computer and erased it. The car worked perfectly for a day and then it started doing it again all the time. Afterwards the transmission failed due to restriction of oil to the clutches because of a blocked filter in the valve body where the solenoids are. I had the transmission rebuilt replacing all the clutches, seals, gaskets etc. But the problem is still there after the transmission was rebuilt so I wouldn't say it's from the transmission unless it's the solenoids playing up or a sensor of some sort. I changed the airflow meter from a 1989 model BMW 730i and it did do a slight difference. Now when you turn the car on from the temperature being at cold, it seems to change gears at about the right time. It would slightly go over abit from 2nd to 3rd gear and then quickly change and work fine only until the car's temperature is at normal. Once the temperature hits normal the rpm's start playing up again and there's nothing I can do to change that. The rpm's seem to go up and back down in a very erratic way and I suspect it may be some sensor or relay. Anyone have any ideas or anything cause it is driving me insane. Thank you
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