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Your Ride: 1998 BMW 740i e38
Angry '98 e38 m62 cut out problems

Hi guys, new to this forum. I bought this V8 6 months ago with a misfire problem. After a major service, timing set and thousands spent (4000 in pounds, listed below) and allot of crap from so-called mechanics, the misfire is gone but the car now keeps cutting out randomly. It starts and idles for a few seconds then cuts out and also cuts out (with massive backfires) unexpectantly while driving. The car also has no power and sometimes only when I floor the pedal. The last diagnostic test showed the crank position sensor and we had to reprogram the keys. That's it, the problem persists. I love this car but I,m sick of it. I thought of destroying it. please help guys, surely there must be someone that had the same experience !!!!

The list !!!!
1) Major service June 2011

a.) Remove and replace rear discs, pads and handbrake shoes

b.) Remove, reseal and replace intake manifold

c.) Remove clean and replace injectors and seals

d.) Remove old and replace new intake manifold valve (PCV)

e.) Remove and replace front discs and pads

2) Remove old and replace coils 5, 6 and 7

3) Replace timing chain, sprocket, tensioner and set timing

4) Remove and replace tie rod ends and rear control arms.

5) Fit new Air flow sensor (MAF)

6) Fit new idle control valve

7) Fit new throttle switches

8) Fit new accelerator, cruise control and throttle body cables

9) Fit new fuel pump

10) Fit new gearbox pulse sensor

11) Rewire damaged wiring, injector plugs etc.

12) Fit new cruise control actuator

13) Fit new speed and ping sensors

14) Drain and replace ATF oil and replace filter

15) Fit new water pump and thermostat

16) Fit new v-belts

17) Fit new temperature switch

18) Diagnostic tests done x 5

19) Replced 70 amp battery with 100 amp battery.

20) Replace crank position sensor
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