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Originally Posted by ktham View Post
wiper just stops and won't work until turn off and start car. Replaced wiper relay twice with used but symptoms same. Erratic sometimes on any setting, then just fail, clicking sound is normal but stops when it fails, thought was so sure was relay.

will play with wiring when it fails next and then guess look at the motor next even though motor seems strong on highest setting, seems more electrical.

any fix appreciated. Thx
I have the same problem with my 525i -01 e39. I'm really new to the car so I may have some noob questions.

The wipers work for some time, sometimes half an hour, then they stop working, in all positions. Can be really scary with heavy rain or snow. So I've stopped using the car now.
Usually when I stop the car and turn it on after a while they (the wipers) start to work again.
Sometimes I set the wiper control in "off" and then after some time, a few minutes, they are fine.

I'm not sure but to me, as I remember it, the washer also stopped working at the same time as when the wipers stopped working.

Where is the relay related to the wipers placed?
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