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Originally Posted by grannyroo View Post
Hey, Rob,
I heard about this lady, Mary Hill, whose Bimmer took off on her when she engaged the cruise control. 3 kids were in the back seat when she slammed into a tree. They all died and she's in prison forever. One was her daughter. So I'd get that cruise control fixed before you end up with acell next to hers.
ps Post me if you hear of any others
I know this is an old post, but i feel i have to correct this. Your information about the crash being because of the "cruise control" is wrong. Thats what she said to police during the investigation. She went to prison for vehicular homicide because the investigation decided that she was at fault for the accident and was negilent in her driving. Eye witness statements provided to police said she was driving in an aggressive manner and speeding prior to the crash, and the one boy in the vehicle at the time of the crash had stated that he usually felt unsafe in her vehicle.

Read here for a full written account of what happened and the trial:
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