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Z3 2.0 6cyl turns over and fires but dies

Hi Any help would be most appreciated
I have a z3 2.0 6cyl more than a year ago I had to stop using my car for financial reasons and declared it sorn and parked it at the farm where I keep my horses. About a month ago I decided to get it back on the road. I had to jump start it which was fine it ran a bit lumpy at first and would also cut out in tickover however I managed to get it most of the way back to my place. About a quarter of a mile from home car died and wouldn't turn over so ended up towing it the last bit. Turns out the battery was duff. Stood for about 3 weeks with no battery. New battery fitted also new plugs and ignition coils however I try to start car and it turns over and fires but dies almost straight away unless I pump the accelerator really quickly which makes it run at a very slow tickover. Also I don't know if it's related but the keyfob will only open the doors not lock them. Am at a loss as to wether its a mechanical electrical or immobiliser problem. Thanks for taking the time to read this post. All help much appreciated
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